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Amanda Robinson, Holistic Health Coach

Health Education and Wellness Coaching Services

Amanda E. Robinson is an Integrative Health Educator and Holistic Wellness Coach. Amanda's seminars and workshops educate, enlighten, and inspire audiences and participants. Invite her into your workplace, church, school, or group meeting and let her share her knowledge with you.

Topics include:

  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Disease
  • Stress Management
  • Men’s Health Issues


2019 Personalized Lifestyle Management Program

Need assistance with reaching your 2019 personal wellness goals? Your goals can become a reality with a personalized custom-made program just for you.


Full Service Reiki

More than just energy balancing, I'm here to heal the whole person. We always start first with a discussion about where you are currently, whether it's your first session or a recurring session. After getting a feel for your current situation, I begin your reiki session. And we always wrap up with an analysis of how the session went and what to do going forward.

90 Minute Session
  • Intake or follow up
  • Relaxation meditation
  • Reiki treatment
  • Health and/or lifestyle coaching

Remote Reiki

Reiki Energy is not bound to space or time.  Treatment can be given from a distance.  If you are not in the area or unable to visit The Healing Space in person, You can still benefit from the healing energy.  Contact me for additional details regarding a remote Reiki session. 

30 Minute Session

The Healing Space
Gambrills MD & Columbia, MD
(443) 333-6940

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