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Holistic Wellness for Everyone

Because I believe healing is for everyone, I offer discounted rates to seniors and certain professions to make my services more affordable for those with limited incomes.  Contact me for special rates

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Full Service Reiki

More than just energy balancing, I'm here to heal the whole person. We always start first with a discussion about where you are currently, whether it's your first session or a recurring session. After getting a feel for your current situation,  then I begin your reiki session. And we always wrap up with an analysis of how the session went and what to do going forward.

90 Minute Session:
  • 15 minutes of intake or follow up
  • 15 minutes of relaxation meditation
  • 30-45 minutes of chakra balancing and reiki treatment
  • 30 minutes of health and/or lifestyle coaching


The Healing Space

The healing space combines many healing principals in a nurturing, accepting and non-judgment environment to allow your mind, body and spirit to relax and heal from physical ailments and emotional discomfort. As an empath and intuitive healer, I am able to provide spiritual insight to assist with you with your life purpose and wellness journey.

The Healing Space
Crofton, MD & Columbia, MD
(443) 823-0567

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