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What to Expect

The full-service Reiki session lasts up to 90 minutes depending on the condition(s) being treated.

Upon Arrival

If this is your first visit, I'll have you complete a brief intake form and we will discuss your need for healing. If this is a subsequent visit, we'll discuss your current situation and changes since your last session.

Your Reiki Session

What to expect in your sessionOnce you enter The Healing Space you will lie on the massage table fully clothed. I will check your chakras which may be imbalanced. With a brief guided meditation, you become more relaxed. Next, I will gently place my hands on various points on your body either making direct contact or raised one to two inches above your body. As the Reiki energy flows, you may feel the sensation of the energy, you may not; it's different for everybody and different every session. Some feel the sensation of energy flow in the form of coolness, warmth, or tingling through parts of the body. There is nothing you are required to do except experience total relaxation and allow the healing process to begin, as toxic energy is released and removed. You may experience different sensations during treatment. Some clients have reported feelings of warmth, coolness, or tingling. Others experienced an intense emotional release, relaxation, and may even fallen asleep while being treated. You may not have any physical or emotional experiences, and that's ok, too. Each session will be different and varies by person.

Wellness Coaching

The reiki session concludes with me rebalancing your chakras; the treatment is over. At this point, we will discuss what transpired during the session, your health and wellbeing goals and additional recommendations for aftercare including health coaching.

The Healing Space
Gambrills MD & Columbia, MD
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